My virtues and hopes

Nights are so dark here

I am terrified to sleep

As the day comes up

I am so scared to wake up

How would I ever confront?

The scared face of my life

Somehow, I am passing

Every moment in disguise

Things that are around me

They seems to be the same

People look the same

Dancing to the rhythms

Of demised or insane

Why do I feel so anxious now?

Breathless, while still alive

Lost within these empty streets

It reeks of death and defiance

My chances must be waiting for me

On the street that I was meant to climb

I must have taken a turn too soon

Now lost between these reflections of light

I cannot see my future from here

It’s so dark and confined

I am stripped of my only child

Every minute feels like a lifetime

Gambled away my virtues and hope

In lieu of kindness and a candle light

They speak a different language here

Crawling beneath the shadows of life

These paths lead to nowhere, it seems

Lost without a direction or time

I am bound to collide, somehow

I am bound to collide

Nick Kler

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