In Muffled Voice I speak

If I am living on your promises
I’m living false, a lie for so long

It is my heart I know,
I’m not carrying with me today
Naïve! It fills up with emotion
With every scream or a commotion

I will cry a thousand times,
I am only a human, a slave of life

It is easy to cry, but blood
A strong soul is needed
A painted heart in red

My eyes are weak!
In muffled voice, I speak

Where would I take?
My empty emotions and my affections’
Sorrows are waiting for me, yet again

Feeding  sorrow to your emotions
Is an addiction so blind
It starts a  fire so fierce
Burning the core of your tears

My body is incinerated,
My heart must have burnt with it too!
Why are you sifting through the ashes?
My strength to converse is thru

Assuming that I could speak
Would you have fulfilled my needs?
My filthy heart and my satire

Now that my existence has passed
All the hopes and desires
Are burnt within my caste

What has changed in the midst?
A muffled voice sealed with a kiss

Nick Kler

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