You Aren't The One

A New Era

I thought you were the one.

Always and Forever.

Forever and always.

That what we promised...

But soul mates, we're not.

I guess we just wanted to believe.

But too much drugs.

Too much toxicity.

Too much damage to fix.

God told me a couple months ago...

To leave...

But I was selfish and I didn't listen.

Things got worse.

He allowed it to happen,

to drive us apart...

So one of us would leave.

Cuz you aren't the one for me.

I'm not the one for you.

We were just too selfish.

We were just too used to each other.

We just wanted the idea of us forever.

For us always.

But we never should've went as far as we did.

Cuz you're not the one for me.

I'm not the one for you.

My always isn't for you.

You're forever isn't for me. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 28, 2020

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