Confused Yet?

If I know you, do you know me?
Sure, let’s go with that.
So what do you know about me?
Oh, well I know this about you?
I pay attention to what you say, and how you treat me.
Ok, so you don’t know me.
Yes, I think I still know you.
Well, I see the way you treat me. I see the way you treat her, and her, and him, and even that boy there.
Yes, you know what I like, but you don’t know why I don’t like those things.
If you’re my friend lets trade heads.
I’m going to learn you, and you’re going to learn me.
If I can make you learn, why can’t I learn too?
But if we understand, lets understand together:

What is it to know me and to know you too?
If it’s a game, I advance 5 you advance 6. Luck of the draw.
If it’s life, then I’ll make my decisions and you make yours. Let’s see how far we get.
But what if it’s nothing? How will we learn each other.

Let’s sit in a circle
Tell me something
Tell me anything.
I thought you wanted to learn?
Yes, I want to learn too. Are you going to share?
Are you confused yet?
Good. That’s okay.
Life is confusing.
But don’t tell me you know me, when you really don’t.

I don’t know everything about you, but the way you are, I don’t think I want to. Maybe, maybe latter.
Sure, let’s go with that.

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