Chianti Philosophy

Time hurries on

A painted tree on my wall

Fife feet tall, or so

It mocks me

Perfection in mere statis

The smell of marijuana is still

Heavy, the air competes

Between it and the incense lit

An hour or so ago

But I, I am drunk on wine

Red wine, Chianti

If you want to know

This new blood courses through my veins

And my thoughts are heavy

Too, they linger on

Like school children

When the bell rings

Who wants to come back to life?

Surely, my fantasies are more varied

And grand.  There are no

Cigarette butts in paradise

So, I'll stay here

For a while, until my eyes

Grow too dry and heavy

Like the wine; and my wit

Gives way to sullenness

Then the morning

Clear, clean as bleached socks

Oh, there are stains, but

The parasites are all gone

Until, until the first of us


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written April, 2008.  Third stanza references "Praying Drunk."

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