To The Old and the Grey

In the beginning

"Hello, how are you?" a little girl asked.

"I am worn and wrinkled in both heart and soul

My body fails me as my mind continues to go

My heart skips beats, my knees don't bend

I am the most decrepit sight there has ever been."

"My lips have grown thin,

My eyes have sunk in

My skin is all blotchy,

My elbows all knotchy.

My head is all bare, for I've lost all my hair

And my life seems not at all as fair."

"Oh, my!" said the little girl. "Things aren't that bad!

To me, what you describe, is not all that much sad.

Sure, you have aged, as do we all!

But regardless what you say, to me you stand tall.

I may still be young, but I get a say

Don't be so hard on yourself, you aren't all that grey!"

"Cheer up, silly man! Come, enjoy the day!

And let mother nature do what she may

Remember the good times , don't dwell on the bad

You, at your age, shouldn't be all that sad.

Have a good life, and let come what may,

If this is what happens to the old and the grey!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 1999, after a challenge to write something "cute" by my grandmother.  12 years old.

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