The Seventeenth Parallel

In the beginning

Holding on to the tangential parallel,

Separating North from South;

You cling to unshaped boundaries

Ever molding in the midst

Of covert gunfire,

Along pirate trails,

Only to survive

In betraying yourself.

Combating in a land

Where you and I,

Simply don�t belong;

As we march to the tune

Of ex-presidential promises

Within the confines

Of our own folly,

For meddling in others affairs.

Pride aching in the minds

Of life-gulled youths;

Their prominent mindset of glory

Blown as the chaff;

In the focus,

Of guerilla tactics

And at the epicenter,

Of corrupt autocracies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the "historical poetry" assignment in my high school creative writing course, 2002-2003.  Eventually used as our "performance poetry" piece in my group.  Blech.

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