And The Screamer Screams

Time hurries on

Pleasure licking unseen wounds

The ecstasy of her descent

No remorse shall represent

Her fall

And the screamer screams

Her voices wailing

Scaling high o'er fallen notes

The blackened angel's wings

And gloats

Of all her broken things

She quotes

And she feels her heartbeat rising

Death and the Reaper, compromising

Taking chances with her soul

Shall she soar high, or to the coal?

Now all her sins shall take their toll

Razor edges rip through flesh

Tearing rib cage as though mesh

Vain attempts to steal her heart

None knew, 'twas blackened from the start

The youth whose life was gulled at first

From the moment she'd been nursed

When body ripped, tormented mind

Acursing her within this bind

The hell she made, became her home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written, 2004.

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