I Hate You

I hate you because
your remind me of everything
I yearn to be but "think I can't

I hate you because I'm blind
deaf and dumb to the reasons
of my very own insecurity
and hatred...

I hate you because
I have nothing better to occupy
my time, I am idle and dwell
within idle things...

I hate you because
I hate myself like the good
little slave that the europeans
have conditioned me to be...

I hate you because you know
just how ignorant I am
but I have no way of getting
out of this damn self made pit...

I hate you for all the things
I wish I could be but think
I'm not good enough to be...

I hate you because I've
never been loved and
have no idea what real
love feels like...

I hate you because I fear you
and everything you represent
I don't know any other thing to do
and isn't everyone hating too
so I might as well just
follow along like a good little
clone drone and assimilate...

Copyright 2006-2015 Chicahuac Necahuatl

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