Revolution And Evolution

Revolution and evolution are sleeping
their nappin in the same bed - bedfellows
their bellies full with McDonalds and Burger King
and lets not forget run for the border Taco Bell!


Their draped with bling blood seeping diamonds and gold
sweat shops and unjust immigration bills
hear them snoring, as they dream of black gold and wars
to gain more power, invading more lands.


They've opened up a brand new WalMart in your town.
Hurry and rush to the stores as Xmas is just around the corner.
Another holiday with glitter to dig into your pockets.
You think you're free cause you have a 9-5 and a 41K plan.

Drive a nice car and live in a nice home which you'll never really own due to taxes!

The money you kill yourself for goes right back into
Uncle Sam's pockets which in-turn fuel the wars that
kill off our men and women in the name of Freedom!

You think you're so civilized and politically correct
with your 4 and 5 digit bank accounts.

Don't you wanna just rush to the next Columbus day

and Veterans Day sales. Yes let us continue to celebrate holidays of Death,

death and destruction of a once peaceful and beautiful continent.
Let us not forget to stock up on Xmas presents we can't afford just to
see those plastic smiles from family members we'd rather hide away and only see once a year.


Speaking of years.... Let's not forget New Years Day sales
and the count down of getting so blasted out of our minds
trying to forget the shame and guilt we go to bed with and wake up with
every night and day as we assimilate into the Televisions mind control.

Rush to the next sale and stock up on food as we get fat and lazy
and need more drugs just to focus on the next series of sitcoms.

Revolution and evolution are sleeping
turning their backs on poverty, homelessness
world hunger, injustice, rape, child sexual predators
child slavery, global warming and space exploration.


Things won't change unless we make a change!
Change is ever constant but man/woman in their battle for
simple and lazy pleasures fight change!
Thus we remain slaves to a system which has not changed in over 500 years!


Revolution and evolution are sleeping!


Copyrights 2006-2016 Chicahuac Necahuatl

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