Heart & Souls Of Poets

There is a land somewhere
far off and hidden from view
it is at times old sometimes new
a land of romance, agony and care

This land shines like stars
to find it you must be silent
listen deeply to your beating heart
for there is the land of dreams

Hearts & Souls Of Poets
a creative sort of crew
the old, the young, the few
in tune with their inner beings

We of this dream like land
offer sweet gifts of verse
to all whom may listen
joyful, love, sad, even perverse

The words sometimes sweet
sometimes heavy to bare
bringing about great emotion
but always given in devotion

The styles, forms and stanzas
change from one to the other
for each has a special gift
a talent all our very own

We are the
Hearts and
Souls of

Copyright 2005 - 2015 ©Adawehi Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Ode to all poets everywhere.

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