The Ancestors Calling

1542 began the enslavement of our people
once a proud and mighty nation Anahuac
Nican Tlaca, Indigenous People
Not Latino, not Hispanic
those terms are for Europeans

The Ancestors are Calling
their spirits guiding
the revolution at present
our land Anahuac shall be ours once more
the borders open and all Mexica free

Europeans should know
your time is ending soon
your time of murder, lies and theft
is ending and almost over
your enslavement is coming to an end

We Nican Tlaca of Anahuac shall push
you shall be moved back to your land
you have no right on our land
"El Salvador"
"Costa Rica"
and "the United States"
all Anahuac and ours

We the Nican Tlaca people
of Anahuac bid you and your lies far well
go home back to europe where you belong
shame on you and your ancestors for
you crimes of murder, lies and theft
shame on you for your monstrous ways

Even mother earth is fighting you
her mighty storms and fire are fighting
you can not win against mother earth
she is tired of you raping her
we are tired of you raping her
we are tired of you raping the Nican Tlaca people

Time is no longer on your side
our people are waking up
we are being educated
we are the SUPERIOR race
that is why you fight so hard to kill us off
but your plan has lasted only a moment
in the Creators eyes
your moment is up

The Ancestors Calling
the blood on fire
you can't change the truth
our people are getting off of their knees
waking up and being educated
take your false gods and go back home
home to your homeland europe

The Ancestors Calling
Nican Tlaca
Indigenous People
Anahuac Nation

Copyright 2005 - 2016©Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A time of truth, of education, of love!

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