Where Are All My Warriors

Where are my hero's
my strong warrior's
the men who stand for honor
who will die for TRUTH


Where have you all gone
to the bottle perhaps
perhaps to some false god
that white powder


Or maybe you're confined
enjoying your three hots and a cot
or worse yet killing off our seed
banging, throwing up old slave
mastar signs, with the droopy pants
like pot bellied slave mastars'


Where are the REAL men
the seeds of Abraham
the warriors who protected the women
the children and the elderly


Perhaps floating on some dream
thinking you'll be the NEXT
All-Star, bringing in millions
those millions that plant the seed
the seed of greed and destruction


Where are my warriors
Stronger then a bull
yet gentle as a summer breeze
Passionate as Zapata
Humble as Buddha


Where are my warriors
perhaps fighting in Bush's insane war
dieing on a senseless battle field
a battle field of lies and deceit


Where are our strong men
perhaps enjoying the false pleasures of
another man's arms falling into
a EURO culture of divide and conquer
destroy the pro-creation of our kind!


I have just one question
my beloved, my soul, mi corazon, my son
Whom shall protect the daughters
the women, the sisters
while you're feasting upon
your lies?


Copyrights  2005 - 2016©Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is for all our beautiful brown men. Stand up mijos, stand up and wake up mi hermanos as Creation is calling!

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