The Wind Changes Direction

As the wind begins to ruffle the leaves and blow softly,
I feel a sense of awe, an awesome sense of oneness,
a oneness with all creation,
and yet a small grain of sand in this vast universe...

Quiet reflection of years gone by,
a different time, different feelings,
so hard and masked were my gusts,
almost icy cold and bellowing...

A prickling of rough gusts, tossing,
tossing and twisting almost fighting,
no real understanding of calm,
of serene blowing softly...

Now with age, a few greys the storm is calming,
the loud roaring gusts have tamed, softened,
no more prickling chills to chase off a passer by,

the wind changes direction...

A calmness, a softness, almost like whipped butter,
a sweetness almost akin to dark sweet chocolate,
the motion is calmer, steady more so than swift,

gone is the careless tornado...

In its place is an inner peace,
a soft sweetness that matures,
a growing of understanding,
the wind changes direction...

The wind changes direction,
the child rages no more,
the young adult spreads her wings,
and the woman hums softly,
as hazel eyes gleam with;
a deep sense of knowing...

The wind changes direction...
The calm after the storm...

Copyright 2004 -2016 ©Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece is one of my favorites as it speaks volumes of a woman's transition.

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