Mexica (pronounced Mesh-shee-kaa)

From my eyes
burn a fire of truth
the hook of my nose
as nostrils flair
take care
Warrior of Anahuac

Shoulders strong and wide
watch the grace of my stride
the gentle sway of my hips
the sweet curve of my lips
Warrior Of Anahuac

Thick and sturdy thighs
mysteries burn in my eyes
the pyramids carved from my form
Warrior Of Anahuac

Mexica is calling
our beautiful people falling
as they eat of the whites lies
lulled to sleep by lullaby's

Wake up and take a stand
this all once our land
our children's destiny
a homeland for you and me

Don't follow like mindless cattle
make a noise like the snakes rattle
draw from the jaguar and eagle
we are the people so regal
Warriors of Anahuac

Copyright © 2006-2015 Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We the people of Anahauc wrongfully called America - a land stolen - a land built on lies murder and theft! A warrior Cries!

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