We use to pound the corn
making flavorful masa
to make such foods as
tamales and tortillas


We would pound the straw
to weave the baskets
colorful and beautiful
works of art


We would pound the silver
to make beautiful jewelry
wearing them for fashion
as well as ceremony


We would pound animal hides
to make clothing and blankets
to warm and adorn
our families and loved ones


We would pound the drums
sending out music
sending out messages
sending out healing


We even pounded Mother Earth
dancing upon her gently
in our ceremonies
to praise and heal


Now in this new age
this culture-less land
we pound our children
bringing forth blood and tears


Our children in turn pound
they pound out their beats
throwing up gang signs
bringing forth more blood and tears


Our men once mighty warriors
now pound their wives and lovers
made to feel useless and unloved
bringing forth more blood and tears


Judges pound their mallets
sentencing us to life in prisons
where we are pounded
bringing forth more blood and tears


We pound our computer keys
pounding out senseless messages
instead of talking face to face
bringing forth heartache and tears


We've become deaf to the beating
the pounding the bleeding
of our very own


Old ways need to return
those days does my soul yearn
to pound and bring forth
something meaningful and beautiful ...


Copyrights 2009-2016 Chicahuac Necahuatl

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