Lessons Of A Lessor god

Sending a child to sunday school
have you gone nutz are you a fool?
Don't you know what those priests do?
lessons of a lessor god

Rip out our innocence our very souls
tell us we'll rot in hell like burning coals
teaching us lies about a white god
their god their king of Sod

Striping away our pride and love
putting in its place self hatred
1950 - 1990 stealing our very wombs
hoping to put our race into tombs

Misleading us with gay rights - sodomy
'yeah be yourself don't ya wanna be free'
perverting our minds with causal sex
taking away our minds natural reflex

Every street corner filled with drugs
give me some real love give me a hug
assimilating our children with violence
what ever happened to love and tolerance?

Our children so very confused
grasping at straws and singin the blues
screaming and crying while we sleep
cause we think that job is the best to keep

Not willing to put it on the line
no one seems to have anymore time
rush rush hurry hurry everyone so busy
where are we all rushing off to?

Lessons of a lessor god
striping away our history
feeding our children Sod
even many of our elders believe

Why not call it what it really is
don't hide in shame come on out
it's satan's seed filled with greed
out to steal the very humanity

Want something you can believe
look up, see the sky that is Ometeotl
no hockus pockus pure and simple
Our Father the Sun who warms us
Our Mother the Soil that nourishes ...

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