Waking Beside You

So this is it, this is what i get, to lie with you once more.

Your kisses aren't passionate, not full with love, but full of lust.

I just wanted to feel your warmth next to my body, again, i just wanted something to hold.

I know NOW to expect nothing from you.

It hurts, i set myself up for this one, i know better, i just wanted you.

You're no good for me, thief, give back my love, give back my kisses.

Loneliness, i make the mistake on purpose.

I cannot say no to your disguise.

Naive, blind to your deceitful way.

You take but you never give. Your eyes, your lips, touching mine.

What is going through your mind?

Your strong embrace, it captures me.

This moment, is it real?

We sleep back to back, dreams, emotions still running through my mind.

I awaken, the violet sky of dawn, your face so bright. I wonder if you're dreaming of me?

I close my eyes.

Your hands run through my hair, did he see me staring at him?

He pulls me close.

Waking beside you.

I feel empty,  so this is what i get.

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