Why Do I Still Love You

I want to shout at you, and put you in your place,

Yet, i gently touch you and caress your face.

I want to kick you in the stomach, and make you double over in pain.

Yet, I hold you tight and never want to let you go again.

I want to knock you to your knees, and make you apologize.

Yet, I make you feel loved, and hold you up high.

I want to hate you and speak to you with spite.

Yet, i love you and care about you with all my might.

I want to hurt you the way that I've been hurt before.

Yet, all i can do is love you more and more.

I want to make you understand all my pain and misery,

Yet, when i look at you, those torrid eyes are all i see.

What is it about you that gets me feeling so damn confused? What is it about you that makes me feel so used?

After the way you've treated me why cant i act on what i  feel? After the way you've treated me my heart should be like steel.

But in spite of everything i still want you to be there, in spite of every thing i still care.

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