Lonely, i crawl back inside myself looking for something to grasp on to.

I'm all i really have and because of that i turn myself inside out hoping someone is there to acknowledge what i want to say.

Thoughts pour out just as easily as they do coming in. I'm thinking out loud now but no one is listening. They just stare as if I'm some kind of alien speaking a language unheard of.

Unheard, that’s it, no one gets the messages i transmit out. I know it's useless.

Most people don't really want to hear how i feel, they pretend to listen, but they do it inadvertently, unaware that being polite is not what I'm looking for.

i want someone to really hear me...

So as it goes, so many feelings, so much unheard. That is why I'm writing. I have disengaged my voice and turned them into letters I painstakingly write, to my self, to whom ever wants to hear.

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