Here i am... this right or wrong?

Hope this time i'm right.

Hoping that you don't leave me and put me at lost.

Praying for you to love me just as much as you say you do.

Wishing that maybe one day i could be her.

Would you ever consider it or is my purpose here just to elude you from your past, make you forget, drown all memories of her out.

How long must i much time will this take?

How, How could you let me torture myself with these thoughts. Thoughts of you not being mine completely, thoughts of you still being some other ones man.

Ouch... don't you know how much that hurts? It attacks all my dreams of you and me. Tainted.

What do i have to look forward to if every time i dream of you its abolished by her image.

This could not be what you want. Who would want all their hopes and dreams and wishes lead to be believed...Impossible!

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