Frustration, she’s gotten the best of me.

All I want is for you to make sense,

This life would be peace, for the least,

If that were so,

But no,

No means NO,

And I’m robbed of my kisses, my tears, my innocence.

This frustration consumes my every cell.

Loves played a trick on me,

But trick me not for you are friend,

Or I was, oh well

I thought I had been

But loves deserted me again.

It doesn’t matter,

Screw you with your plea,

Yah, I’m soft

But guess what,

I’m so damn fucking angry!

What a waste she tells me today.

“He’s unclear,

When you deserve a serenade,

He barley whispers in your ear.”

You Prick, Punk, Fucker, You Queer,

I said I love you and you just chuck down a beer.

OK, I know,

I’m out of line,

But please, for once show me a sign.

Your words are just words,

They don’t state a claim,

Don’t pretend for the moment,

I don’t like games.

Wear your heart on your sleeve,

Be selfish with needs,

I ask one last time,

"I love you"

Can you help me believe?

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