My heart beats so fast

When i first saw you

That look in your eyes

I knew i had to have you

I knew you would be mine

We walked the mall that first night

My palms were sweaty, my stomache tight

We stopped to eat, and talked somemore

The hours flew, now we're at your door

My knees grew weak

I couldnt speak

But your lips i had to kiss

I just hope i wouldnt miss

A few weeks past

Once again, my heart beat fast

I couldnt wait till i had you in my arms

I would protect you from any harm

You are my angel, on earth

We were meant to be, since birth

You looked so fine

"girl, would you be mine?"

You said, its about time

I thought you would never ask

My heart beats so fast

Everything was great

We were so in love

Your the only one i think of

You are the girl in my dreams

But i want you for the rest of my life

Baby, will you be my wife?

Moments past

Time stood still

Your yes gave me the biggest thrill

That was the happest day of my life

Till the day i made you my wife

Now we sit here wrinkled and old

You are still the only one i want to hold

I know this feeling will always last

Because your my best friend

I will love you till the end

My heart beats so fast

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