Paradise lost

I slowly awoke in this place

My only hope

Was to see your face

But you were not there

You werent anywhere

The thought sunk in

My heart grew heavy

I gasp for air

I held back the tears

Now im facing my biggest fear

A world without

We all tried

Each time, you said "im sorry", then cried

We bought it, Because we loved you

But your actions gave us doubt

We should have knew

We all hoped for the best

That you wouldnt pick one, over all the rest

But evil won

And you had your fun

And you gave satan what he wants

Because of you

Now God is the one satan taunts

All we could do is try to make you see

How your life could be

When god gave birth

To a brand new earth

But you said you were old enough

And you knew good from bad

Then WHY did you keep making God's heart sad?

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