A call to Arms

Lightning flashes in the sky

It signals, yet another grim goodbye

The stars shower across the black

Will he ever be comming back?

Crashing waves hit the sand

I'v watched my boy, become a man

Chopper blades cut the air

This isnt his burden to bare

Like dust in the wind she is gone

Will he be the Rook, Knight or the Pawn?

The ground now tastes our blood

I stare blankly at the floor

The sun preys on the weak

Disillusioned, i hear a knock at the door

Bullets fly past my ears

Cant hardly speak

We are living our biggest fears

At this moment, courage i must seek

The sight of flaming death before us

I now stand with cold tears, and shaky hands

Turns grown men into mush

Now i must hide

Each step, like a mile

From just another pawn like me

I didnt breath for a while

Who is on the other side

This wasnt his burden to bare

Who could have been a friend

In punishment, he took his share

And took a bullet for me in the end

Finally, i open the door

Now he is hiding in the trees

Instantly, i fell to the floor

One bullet

Because, lying in that box

Brought me to my knees

Is my son, Private Cox

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