The dark calm of the night transcends my own senses,

A wonder unknown by shallow thought,

But the smell of her hair has the same effect,

Her scent transcends my own self control.

And just think, this might not even be worth a damn,

Drinking hard the reality I might never be the man,

The salty mix stings well my numbing tongue,

A little taste of beauty, I’m dead, I’m done.

The cold ticks of the wind ravage hard my face,

And grace the touches of what’s already blown,

The feeling isn’t new, but the thoughts are too low,

For one so reserved, there’s no where to go.

I can only wait as long as you make me,

One day you’ll know the depth of my dependence,

But right now my thoughts are more than your silence,

You can’t avoid this forever…don't try to end this.

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