Out of my mind

Why is she still locked in my mind?

Is it because she was the first one to love me?

The first one to give me her time?

Why is she still so deep in my life?

Why am I jealous now, now that she’s moved on?

Haven’t I moved on too? I know that she’s gone.

But somewhere inside, there’s a feeling that hides,

Do I want her heart to hurt with the pain she gave mine?

Our love wasn’t so free, I was bound in chains,

Every time it got hot, you pulled the heat from my veins,

I couldn’t even use the word love, even though it was the truth,

I could say it a million times, but wouldn’t hear it once from you.

Desire turned to obligation, at least in your eyes,

Any passion turned to pain, fed with the fruit of your lies,

No spontaneity, no imagination, no thought, no heart,

And so weeks before the end, it was already falling apart.

I wonder sometimes if it hurt you,

Any of the things that you did,

Any of the things you didn’t do,

All of the truth you hid…

And my question to you is how?

How can you only go in half-heartedly?

Did you know it kills the one who truly loves?

He had a whole heart that broke, and you didn’t lose a thing!

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