I lay here in silence,

Waiting for the moonlight.

I've tried so hard to hide this,

But now it's just not right.

As those stars come out,

The same they did before,

Everything we used to be about,

We just aren't anymore.

In my arms you'd lay,

As we stared at the sky,

Next to me you'd stay,

And even gaze into my eyes.

We kept every moment close,

We knew there wasn't much time,

I felt much luckier than most,

Until I saw the wall you built so high.

Many things were brought to light,

Things I wish I would've known,

Slowly I began to lose my mind,

The hurt sank all the way to my bones.

We talked and I hoped for change,

Maybe in time things would get better,

I don't want it to get too late,

If she still wants to do this, I just can't let her.

I miss the fun and all the jokes,

I miss the way you held my hand,

As we get nearer now, I'm losing hope,

I don't know if we can get back what we had.

Now I know you never wanted to commit,

But we aren't even close to what we were,

I wish it didn't have to come to this,

Now I don't know if I can keep her.

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