Are you ever coming back?

What do you do when a best friend abandons you?

Do you take it to heart, like there was more I could do?

But as much as I tried, he wouldn?t confide in me,

As much as I cried, he still would hide from me.

For years and years he was all I had,

He was usually there, through the good times and bad,

He at least said I'd be okay, even through my darkest days,

He once said if I took my life, he'd take his own away.

It's hard to lose a friend like that,

It's hard to watch him literally fly off track.

Did he just lose sight of all the things ahead?

Or did he really want this, did he want his dreams dead?

I've never seen someone with so much potential,

I tried my best to always be the most influential,

I thought eventually he'd see everything he's got,

He had so much talent, and it's like he left it to rot.

Where the hell did you go?

What happened to my best friend?

Would someone let me know,

When he shows his face again?

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