Lost in the darkness

I don't know how anything would make a difference,

I can't even think, I have no confidence,

What do you call a lost soul looking for a home?

Is there a name? What more can you do but just let it go...

The music gave me comfort, now I can't even sing,

And I have no one here to teach me, to give me back my wings,

So near death I am, writing with no direction,

Craving the end again, a knife to cut out this affection.

There is still no love, no hug to say I'll be okay,

I find salvation no where, not even in my old ways,

And I'm reminded everyday, all the things I can't have,

I can't come to terms with my demons, I didn't think they'd be so mad.

They never fail to come back and haunt me,

The disappointment on their faces shows me what they see,

I'm nothing, I'm worthless, If I was cut would I even bleed?

There's not a thing left inside me, I will never succeed.

Black are the skies today, but what comes after black?

After another day of hell, there will be no turning back,

For now watch me break, watch everything crack,

Watch me waste away, and forever be on the wrong track.

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