Message to mankind

Here's a little message to all of mankind,

I think we've gone off the deep end.

I think we have lost our minds,

Told too many lies, and now we're living with;

All these worthless governments,

All the bribed money spent,

All the guns and armor lent,

All your wars of hate,

All your stupid debates,

All your mindless politicians,

Every country's hard regressions,

You base happiness on your sweet successions,

I don't care to make a vote in your fake elections,

Exercise freedom the way a free person should,

Dare not ask what my country did for me, But of course what I could.

The army is the great one way ticket to die,

Die for rights and freedom, what a big fucking lie!

Die for a country too scared to keep to itself,

Too scared to admit they're wrong...but look at all the people we help!

And look at all the people you kill.

Attack for peace at your free will.

Because peace is all about battlefields,

Bloody ground and the oil fields,

I wonder if they can see the wealth you yield?

You've distorted everyone's mind, how does it feel?

At least I can sit back and laugh at you like a joke,

And I can say I warned you before we all go up in smoke.

I hear more sense out of those addicted to coke,

I'm glad I've escaped you, I'm glad I awoke.

I'm glad I have some morality in my brain,

I'm glad I'm not like you, I'm glad I haven't gone insane.

What do you get out of giving thousands of people pain?

Oh what's it matter, all the tragedy, the ashes wash away with the rain.

Why would you care,

You were never there,

Why don't you go fight the wars?

You wanted it so bad, why don't you draw a sword?

Here's a little message to all of mankind,

You are all losing your ever-loving minds!

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