As long as you stay cool...

Best friends? What a concept,

Would you care to stick around?

Every thing is like how you left it,

You?re still digging my grave in the ground,

I know I wasn't the coolest,

I know I wasn't the shit?

That's the reason you ignored me isn't it?

Because that would be just like you,

Too selfish to care for a friend that was true,

But you couldn't be my friend and still be cool,

Of course what you did they didn't think cruel,

You were the queen! You were on top of the school!

Well congratulations, you did succeed,

I gave you my trust and you took it from me,

Remember that poem, how you made me want to bleed?

Inside the blood rained, but that you'll never see,

The scars you left are still open it seems,

I wish you were here so you could hear me scream!

How could you be so mean?

Why did I get so angry?

Forever you haunted my dreams,

And still in their eyes you managed to gleam.

And now you're burying me in the deepest regret.

As you shovel the dirt I know you dare not fret,

You want me gone, want me to be a distant memory,

Just know I won't leave, In the back of your mind I'll always be.

And I hope you feel great, I hope you feel free,

And to think I thought you stole the best of me.

You should be glad I wrote this, I don't know if you're worth it,

It was sad to see us unwind, we were so tightly knit,

I can't believe I remembered all this stupid shit,

Maybe like me again, you'll feel your heart get hit...

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