A sudden end

They say good things must come to an end,

Tonight that is never more true.

I must say goodbye to all the time I've spent,

And who knows when I'll again see all of you.

13 years of this wonderful thing,

13 winters of sacrifice,

13 years of having to lose or win,

13 winters spent on the ice.

Why must it end so suddenly?

All it takes is one cold winter night,

One loss and we're sent home abruptly,

The last season gone, It doesn't feel right.

From skates to sticks I loved it all,

Its the best of any sport I've played,

Sadly tonight, we couldn't stop the fall,

Through all the years, great memories I've made.

And all the memories I'll hold close to my heart,

All the friendships made I hope don't fall apart,

All the sweat and the tears, the fans and the cheers,

Will forever live with me, Another chapter must end.

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