What happened to the teacher?


Everywhere I turn

Pain and sadness,

Please just let me burn,

And steal what?s left of this gladness,

Why is there so much anger?

In our homes and in our fathers?

What happened to our leaders?

What happened to those things called teachers?

Aren't they suppose to guide us?

Give us a way to life,

From what I see they bind us,

But only a select few,

Just because there is no trust,

They'll take the best things from you.

I firmly believe, they are too uptight,

But with that degree of course they?re right,


Don't joke around too much,

Down to the office you shall go,

Listen to them preach about what they think they know,

And now the next five days you'll spend at home.

But this is the last straw isn't it?

Like they'd give a shit,

They don't know your life at home,

They don't know how much you get hit.

But at least they sleep tonight with they're head so high,

Thinking I wonder who's dreams I can slowly make die??

How about the kid who jokes around too much,

The one with a big heart and a passion for his life,

The one who just called me and who couldn't stop crying,

No matter what happens, I've never seen him stop trying,

But you cut him down, every chance you get,

You think he's nothing, you think his fate is set,

You don't know anything, his pain is on your hands,

You close-minded fool, look what you've done to him again!

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