One cold night pt. 5

I feel so ashamed,

I didn't want it to be like this,

I may have ruined everything,

But then again there's always a twist.

I can write, I can sing,

But I never get to win,

I get no first, let alone second chances,

They don't get close when it comes to slow dances.

I want to believe in that thing called fate,

But searching for that word has filled me with hate,

It is my fault though, I have me to blame,

Who wants to be happy all the time, who wants to be the same?

Maybe life truly is an endless game,

Its spins you in circles until you go insane,

I never get the nice, soft, gentle summer rain,

I get hail and thunder and wind and pain.

How come I never catch a break?

How come I always arrive a second late?

Why can't I, like you, have something great?

All I've got is this fucked up belief in fate.

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