One cold night pt. 4

I'm feeling sick to my stomach,

My skin feels like ice,

It's so hot in here,

But I just shivered twice,

My eyes are tearing up,

I've started to feel faint,

My mind is flashing memories,

Of the times not so great.

My hands are shaking,

It's getting hard to write,

The floor beneath me is quaking,

Did someone just turn off the light?

Oh my god what?s happening?

I can't move my arms,

Oh no, I can?t breathe,

God what the hell is happening to me?

I can't move my fingers,

I can't feel my feet,

I can't say a thing,

I can't hear you sing.

Is this a dream?

Is this how you intend to save me?

Would death cure my disease?

Or will you keep me alive in your cold dark freeze?

Don't make it hurt, if you must, take me in my sleep.

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