One cold night pt. 3

Is there something you aren't telling me?

You say I'm so awesome, how come you don't have a girl?

If you haven't noticed, I don't think there's much to see,

Are you lying to me just to give my heart a whirl?

Every girl I fall for falls for some other guy,

I know it's stupid but I still ask why.

Why not me? Why not give me a try?

There must be something wrong, you make the reason blind.

Years have passed with the same old story,

Sadly none of mine are happy or full of glory,

Mostly they're filled with heartache and mourning,

Full of sadness and pain, you'd probably think it's boring.

Have you ever felt a thousand knives in your chest?

Have you ever let your heart do what it thinks is best?

Has it come back to haunt you, left you depressed?

Has pain attacked your heart in a hopeless arrest?

Knives in the heart and more in the back,

Tend to leave bruises, deep and black,

They leave you crippled, unable to get on track,

Love will make me die of my own heart attack.

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