One cold night pt. 1

That's it, it's over,

Love at first sight is a lie,

No matter how hard I try,

I can't help but fall lower.

I can't help that I'm so dumb,

I just didn't think I was this blind,

The same end, pain! every single time,

Leaving me broke and numb.

I guess there's no such thing as perfect,

But that's what I thought every time I saw her,

I tried my best to get myself closer,

I don't think the rejection is really worth it.

I thought I saw something in the blink of her eye,

I never cease to be ever so wrong,

Now I sit here in tears listening to another sad song,

Wondering if I can ever have love in my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One cold night parts 1-6 I did actually write on one night. Alot of things went wrong that night so I wrote about them and these 6 poems are what came out.

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