A little bump in the road

I can’t tell if despair has got me,

The vast pit of nothing reveals my pathetic life,

Inside the sorrow’s sleeping,

Waiting for the right moment to fly.

Whether I’m the one to blame,

Or I’ve just found comfort in the wrong,

Some things have yet to change,

And here I wait with nowhere to belong.

Trying to forget what can’t be erased,

Wasting away from lie to prophetic lie,

The final test is already in place,

Waiting for me to give up and die.

How did everything become so deranged?

Those sunny days suppressed in fog?

Now my heart swells with the guilt and pain,

Knowing now it won’t be long…

I can’t tell which monster’s got me,

I just know I’m growing cold,

As the teeth sink further into bone,

I feel more and more like letting go.

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