Perfect prom dance

The light was low,

The song was slow,

I walked to her,

And asked her for a dance.

Afraid she'd say no,

But I could only hope,

She said yes to me,

It finally was my chance.

She wrapped her arms around me,

And rest her head on me gently,

We slowly began to move,

Like we were in a trance.

We whispered words so softly,

I thought this is where I should be,

We really got into the groove,

I wanted this to forever last.

I remember it so fair,

I remember the smell of her hair,

The way she brought me in closer,

The way my arms would hold her.

Even though we didn't kiss,

That dance is something I'll forever miss,

For a few minutes I felt pure bliss,

I just hope I can have another moment like this.

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