Do I want to know?

I'm trying to find out what I should think,

How much do I really want to know?

What if this feeling is just a quick blink?

I hope it doesn't end the same, because I can't take another blow.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happens now,

Sometimes I wonder why I feel this way,

But I keep trying anyhow,

No matter what, It doesn't matter what I say.

It's just so cute the way they laugh,

They way we talk and the way we can't,

Can't see each other without having a good time,

And they've only just begun to read into my life.

I always give my heart just one more chance,

Just a little more hope, and one last slow dance,

But they can never help letting me go,

Why am I always just the friend, Do I really want to know?

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