Away from you

Why can't I keep my feelings to myself?

And keep everything locked inside.

So far it's been the only thing that's helped,

But it still hasn't made me smile.

Sometimes I wish I could stop this writing,

My words have begun to make me blind.

Sometimes I wish I could give up and stop trying,

And start to wake up and slowly unwind.

It has been so different,

Something I can't explain,

I can't even take a hint,

But I can bring myself the pain.

Why can't I get rid of my regret?

Those stupid things I couldn't help but do,

I'm just talking to myself I bet,

I can't still be waiting here for you...

...Only in a perfect world do dreams come true,

For a guy like me there is certainly nothing I can do.

This living in a broken world just doesn't help me through,

I don't know if I can keep my feelings away from you.

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