Did you hear that?

What's that noise?

I think she hears you,

Walking upstairs with poise,

You both know what you'll do.

Run downstairs and scare her stiff,

Give her one to the stomach and one to the lip,

She can't defend, she can't help but get whipped,

I hope you're happy with what you've done you shit.

I can feel her screams, but what do you care?

She'll be your release as long as she's there.

Beat her till she's red, grap her by the hair,

Throw her into the wall and give her one last swear.

Fuck you, you bastard,

That's the last time you smack her.

Why do you insist on making her bruises blacker?

Someday I'll hurt you so you can't attack her.

So stop with the power trip,

Stop being so damn pathetic,

Stop with all your anger and hit yourself for a change.

You wear the icepacks, and try to erase all the pain.

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