Your son

I've got to be number one,

I can't quit, can't be a loser,

That "B" is not good enough son,

Fuck you too, I'm sorry I haven't won.

Since when is MY life entirely up to YOU?

My hopes and my dreams, you just don't have a clue,

All my pain to you is ignored and denied,

Good thing in pen and paper I can confide.

You said I could never quit no matter what,

"Do you want to be a quitter all your life?" keep going you must,

I couldn't be a failure, I was scared as fuck to screw up,

Now I keep this locked inside, you made me afraid to trust.

Why did it take me so long to find out how this works?

Your mom was a bitch too, your father was a jerk.

Is that waht you want me to grow up to be?

To be an ass to my kids and keep away what they need?

I just want to talk, I want to feel loved,

I don't want to be told "you just aren't any fun."

I want some support, so I'm not alone when I leave home,

When I'm gone I want to miss you, and want to call you on the phone.

I'm not number one, I don't care if I'm a loser,

I'm your son, let me be me, let me live my life, and let me be the chooser.

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