Lets just be friends,

I'm too fucked up,

Where does it end?

I love your excuses so much.

Just go ahead and say it,

I'm hurt enough already,

You don't have to make up bullshit,

Just give it to me, I'm ready.

I love to be led on,

I love to waste my time,

I love to write my depressing songs,

Just because you don't want to make me cry.

Just because I don't cry doesn't mean I'm fine,

But you go ahead and sugar coat all your lies,

You don't have to say it nicely...just say no,

That way you don't trick me, and I can let go.

I'm never the one, if there's even such a thing,

I just can't win, and now it hurts to sing.

I can't make anyone want me, I'm alone and thats how it'll be,

I guess I'm not much to see, so don't feel bad when you leave.

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