My shooting star

I'm going away, to catch my shooting star,

But I wonder if it will ever get this far,

Under the ground again, to die and never end,

Losing yet, one more day, and one more friend,

I'm sad to say I never cried,

But will I ever be strong enough to fly?

I've gone blind this week,

With eyes shut, I still can't sleep.

Every ounce of life drained, I'm tired and weak,

I can open my mouth, but no words I can speak,

Spaced out and hopeless, trying to find a right,

Every day to feel the pain of my never-ending night.

Get pushed to shame, up in the clouds,

Go insane, hear the same fucking songs,

A million demons, screaming so loud,

Get dropped like rain, from up in those clouds.

Take these words, push them down my throat,

Shove it down deep, make me choke,

Take my hand then just let me go,

Falling to the lies, and still no one knows.

No love, love is such a crazy word,

That word is scary, it's so absurd,

I can't hold her heart in a single way,

I'm losing my mind, haven't you heard?

So the same story comes and goes as it has,

I don't know, I can't hope, I can't change the past,

I don't read all the lines, just in between most times,

I try to take these steps in strides,

I try to see through her eyes...

And all I feel is tears, tears, tears,

Broken shards of glass, shatter those humble years,

Hate and Love keep getting thrown at me with spears,

And now I still run to my shooting star...

Strange how it never nears.

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