You complete me

Why do I live in this lie?

Like something more is to come.

But everytime I try,

It doesn't come close to love.

I had the time of my life,

You made my soul fly and my heart soar,

But I still have to ask myself why,

Is your love worth fighting for?

When I ran my fingers through your hair,

I held you and you fell right asleep.

I felt so lucky, right then and there,

Did I really sweep you off your feet?

I love when I see that look in your eyes,

It's such a small sign, does it mean a thing?

I had to learn to think about it twice,

I've taken them the wrong way, and I had to feel the sting.

I'm swept away with the grace of every touch,

Could there be a miracle just waiting for me?

I've just never had such luck,

Could we come together the way I hoped we'd always be?

As the sand drops from the hourglass,

I begin to lose the hope,

Soon you have to leave, don't leave me in the past,

Together I hope we are forever, fall apart I hope we won't.

Still only friends, and that may never change,

Still friends, but is there more you can now see?

Whether in my arms or not, I'll still love you the same,

Just know that without you, I'm just not complete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my best friend in the whole world. She is everything to me. I've never been closer to a person in my life, and I hope maybe someday we could move beyond our friendship...if not, thats okay. As long as we are always friends.

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