What home?

I can't stand this life, this broken family,

I can't wait for the day I get to fucking leave,

All the swearing, all the hating breaks me badly,

Why does their pain have to get thrown on me?

I just want to get out, and start a new life,

This one I have here, is just not all right,

A life of rejection and endless disappointments,

A life of depression and no sleep at night.

I can't live my life, with these broken memories,

I can't think of anything good, you took them all from me,

And you wonder why I'm quiet, why I don't tell you anything,

Why would you care for my hate, my pain, and why I'm never sleeping?

What mother, what father have I ever possessed?

What child have they raised that wants a knife in their chest?

Who can never stop thinking of the hurt he knows best,

Who just wants to get out and finally lay down to rest.

At least they don't know what its like to feel rejected,

And they don't think of love as something like an infection,

The more love that grows, I feel sicker and weak,

I lose sight of what's real, I can't stand on these shattered feet.

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