The show

I can't stand the smoke, but I love the addiction,

At least someone's there to calm me from all this pain and affection,

It's too bad it has to be this way, is it the killer or is it me?

Such a surge comes through and its something I really need.

As hard as I tried I still grew to disappointment,

All those hard nights working, trying to actually find it,

I thought I nailed it, but she said it was the wrong pitch,

And there I fell and sat alone, in my chest I felt hit.

Of course they prevailed and I was left in dust,

So happy they seem, they sound great and so they must,

They didn't hold the door for me and I found myself in rain,

The wind was blowing and it was cold, is that where my voice went vain?

I haven't time to sleep, or even time to breathe,

So much counts on that first starting scene,

A song must be sung with that great intonation,

It must be calm and relaxed, and your heart can?t be racing.

Don't we all still find our feet pacing?

The show must go on, at least that's what he keeps saying.

Can you remember your lines? Mine keep dissipating.

Help me, the show, my life, my voice, won't stop fading.

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