Final Farewell

I can't escape the silence, of walking down your empty hall,

I'll see you around I guess, once again the rooms bare their old naked walls,

Just another year, just another group passed through,

But no one knows how much, I'm going to miss all of you.

Whether we were friends or not, we all grew up the same,

We must have been kind of close, I know every one of your names,

We used to be so young, the end seemed so far away,

Now it's here and we can't go back, look how quickly it came.

I still have a year to go, before I join you in a brand new life,

I know I'll never see most of you, but my old friends I just might,

It now just seems so short, I didn't see enough of you,

And now I stare again at your empty desk, in this lonely, bare classroom.

Now you are off and free, will you all remember me?

I hope that I've been good to you, we've shared great memories.

I wish you the best, and the best I'm sure you'll be,

I just can't wait to leave this place, this now empty, lonely classroom.

Goodbye my senior friends. I'm gonna miss you!

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